Leverage the Resource Schedule for SharePoint as part of your skybow subscription. Book and manage resources and report on team utilisation.

skybow is the no-code development platform for Office 365.

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Key Features:

  • Resource booking form – find out availability up-front, so no double booking

  • Visual resource timeline

  • Automated resource notifications

  • Extend or customise the app


Resource Planning


Plan ahead for busy periods.

This means you can see when to hire extra help or reschedule future projects.

Resource Schedule.png


Scroll through resource bookings in a Gannt chart style view. 


Automated Notifications

Resources receive notifications when they are assigned a new task to help keep informed of upcoming activities.


Intuitive and Easy to Use

A simple SharePoint application that has an easy to understand UI... no training required!


Extend with skybow

The Resource Schedule for SharePoint is available as part of your skybow subscription.

This means you can customise the app using Solution Studio to meet your business needs.


User Based


Existing skybow enterprise customers


20 Users: "Resource Schedule" per month per user


50 Users: "Resource Schedule" per month per user


100 Users: "Resource Schedule" per month per user


500 Users: "Resource Schedule" per month per user


1000 Users: "Resource Schedule" per month per user



Proud partner of skybow

At kwel, we are passionate about developing business solutions using Microsoft technology. We help you leverage your existing investment in SharePoint and Office 365 technology to provide the building blocks for your application at low cost. 


We recommend using skybow Solution Studio to build and manage your SharePoint solutions.


skybow provides:

  • Additional capabilities and customisation options (without the need to wrestle with a complicated dev tool-chain).

  • An expedited application development process allowing you to iterate quickly.

  • Application lifecycle management features for all artifacts included within your solution.

skybow allows developers and power users to focus on building business solutions.


skybow believes in – and develops - no-code tools that don’t ask you to compromise when building and managing Business Apps on the #1 productivity platform. It’s a bold statement – and we mean every word of it.». The “skybow solution accelerators” are modules that standardize, simplify and accelerate your way of transforming your SharePoint into a platform of useful business solutions your users will love. Fully utilize the potential of your existing SharePoint- or Office 365 platform by setting up your individual solutions! skybow offers the right tools for a widespread variety of jobs. Use the “skybow solution studio” to enable your developers to finish the implementation of SharePoint business solutions with an average above 50% and faster!


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